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Display Your Full Potential With Newhaven Display

Abacus Technologies is an authorized Distributor for Newhaven Display's Graphic LCDs, OLEDs and TFTs


Newhaven Display's Full Color OLED Glass products are offered as 7-part numbers.

NHD-0.6-6464G | NHD-0.95-9664G| NHD-1.1-9696G | NHD-1.27-12896G | NHD-1.45-160128G | NHD-1.5-128128G | NHD-1.69-160128G

Like Newhaven Display's Character OLED glass display, these new Full Color OLED Glass displays are just the glass. They make a great option for customers that want the flexibility of designing their own board or having one created for them.


    • Provide users with an array of color options
    • Amazing high contrast rate
    • Fast response time: 10µsec
    • Amazing 160 degree viewing angles
    • Low power consumption
    • Wide temperature ranges
    • Serial interface, some available with Parallel or RGB interface
    • Built-in sleep mode and controller

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We have Newhaven Display TFTs in stock, including the new EVE2 IC, TFT controller.

      • All 20 TFT part numbers come equipped with FTDI EVE2 Graphic Engine
      • Fully integrated TFT Modules with Displays, Touch, and Audio control
      • Possibilities of full color Standard, Premium, and Sunlight-Readable display variants
      • Sizes 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0” & 7.0
      • Options for resistive or capacitive touch panels
      • Operating Temperature (-20C to +70C)
      • TFT Display Modules Fully Integrated with Touch and Audio Control
      • SPI Interface for Communication
      • Two Industry-Standard 20-pin Connection Options on Every Board; FFC & IDC
      • 1MB of Built-in Graphics Memory (RAM) (noexternal frame buffer required)
      • On-board LED Backlight Driver that Will Never Compromise Brightness
      • Pulse Width Modulation Backlight Control
      • Supports Multiple Image Formats, Widgets, Video and Audio Playback
      • Includes Audio Synthetization Capability
      • Built-in Scalable Fonts
      • Support for Up to 255 Touch Tags for Tracking Touch Movement
      • 4 Mounting Holes for Standard M3 Screws Integrated with the Board
      • Portrait and Landscape Orientations Supported
      • Open Source
      • Engineered and Assembled in Elgin, IL USA
      • RoHS Compliant

We also carry the new TFT modules in 5" and 7" sizes. They come ready to connect with any boards or computer capable of HDMI output with a standard HDMI connector cable. Check out the list of features below:

      • USB-HID driver recognition
      • On-board Texas Instruments hardware
      • Capacitive and Resistive touch options
      • Compatible with Windows/Linux
      • Four 3.5mm mounting holes
      • Standard, Premium, and Sunlight Readable TFTs
      • 5.0" and 7.0" diagonal TFT sizes
      • PWM backlight control
      • Open source hardware

10.1" HDMI TFT Module

HDMI interface displays are now bigger than ever before at Newhaven Display. Their HDMI TFT product line is expanding to include two new 10.1" size modules. These new products are paired with their custom-designed PCB, a durable steel mounting bracket, and Texas Instruments Audio Amplifier for audio support.

  • High definition multimedia interface
  • Capacitive touch option
  • USB-HID touch panel driver recognition
  • Durable steel mounting bracket
  • Compatible with Windows/Linux
  • On-board Texas Instruments amplifier
  • Large 10.1" TFT display
  • 1024x600 pixel resolution
    Mountable TFT Displays

Newhaven Display's 32 Mountable TFT Displays are paired with a tough steel bracket and can be found in a wide array of sizes. The steel bracket makes mounting these displays both convenient and extra-secure. You will find Mountable TFT Displays in 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0”, 7.0”, and even 10.1”sizes. Newhaven Display has designed these Mountable TFTs for Rack-Unit height making them a perfect fit for typical server racks and other industry standard enclosures. The steel brackets also have M3 PEM standoffs, or "feet", to allow room for the installation of an accessory PCB. With no specialty software driver required and the brackets offset mounting tabs, integrating a display with any enclosure has never been so easy and so secure.

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Graphic LCDs are available in industry standard sizes and interfaces. Newhaven Display is one of the most versatile LCD lines in the world and can be found in the Audio, Transportation and Medical industries.

  • STN or FSTN display types
  • Positive or negative display modes
  • Monochrome graphics
  • High brightness backlight
  • Custom touch panels available
  • Wide operating temperature
  • RoHS compliant

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posted by Michael Waldren
28 Mar 2019



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