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Part of Panduit's line of cushion sleeves, this sleeve best works with custom-length banding systems, super-heavy cross section ties, and mild steel strapping "U"-shaped channel design. The sleeving is made from neoprene material, and measures 100 ft. long (30.5 m) and 0.91 in. wide (23.1 mm). The sleeving is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

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This cushion sleeving is best suited for custom-length banding systems, mild steel strapping "C"-shaped channel design, and standard cross-section ties. Forged with neoprene material, the sleeving is 0.5 in. thick (1.3 mm), and is RoHS compliant. The temperature range for installation and operation is -40°F - 200°F (-40°C - 93°C).

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Another quality choice of cushion sleeving in Panduit's line, the sleeving is best used with extra-heavy or super-heavy cross section ties, MS strapping "U" shaped channel design, and custom length banding systems. The sleeving is made from TPE material, is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, and boasts a hefty thickness of 0.25 in. (6.4 mm).

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This cushion sleeving is ideally used with a mild steel strapping "C"-shaped channel design, heavy cross-section ties, and custom-length banding systems. The sleeving is made from neoprene material, and measures at 100 ft. long (30.5 m) and 0.47 in. wide (11.9 mm). This sleeving is RoHS compliant, and comes in black.

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posted by Michael Waldren
06 Feb 2018



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